Modula Automated Systems

Houston Vertical LiftModula automated systems for storage and retrieval are manufactured here in the USA.  Improve the efficiency of your supply chain for picking and put-away of parts, tools, inventory, Work-In-Process, MRO and buffer storage.  Modula’s machines deliver reliability, performance and a fast return on investment. Trust the extensive experience of a global leader in industrial automation with your project!

Modula Lift Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Discover Modula Lift, the innovative vertical storage lift with more than 20 years of success in the market. With thousands of successful custom installations in facilities throughout the world, Modula Lift is among the most reliable and advanced vertical storage solutions available. The revolutionary design of Modula Vertical Lift Modules allows shop floors, distribution centers, and facilities of all sizes to recover or preserve precious space while improving the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their picking operations.

Modula One Ton Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The Modula OneTon vertical lift module is the answer to all of your storage needs for heavier inventory in your facility. With its 2,200 lbs net payload per tray and complete personnel protection devices for operators, OneTon represents the leading edge of Modula VLM technology. Modula OneTon is a leader in user ergonomics, designed to provide maximum operator safety in even the most demanding working conditions.

Modula Sintes Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The popular Sintes1 is an automated vertical lift module (VLM) designed specifically for small to medium sized applications. With its compact size, it is ideal for storing and picking items such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals and tools. Modula Sintes1 features a modern and sleek appearance, with a coated internal steel structure and pre-coated exterior panels for increased durability and protection. Modula Sintes is manufactured using a state of the art production line, ensuring that each feature functions optimally.

Modula Cube Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Modula Cube is an automated horizontal lift storage system, that is the ideal solution for high value items in low ceiling applications.The Cube has an intuitive color touchscreen console and interface similar to other Modula equipment, providing efficient and easy to use picking for users and increased inventory control.

Modula VC Vertical Carousel

When you are working in confined or small spaces, Modula’s Vertical Carousel technology allows you to save needed floor space and to maximize your vertical space. Facilities of all sizes in every industry can benefit from the astounding capabilities of VC, including its low maintenance design, high carrier load capacity, and ability to be configured to unique specifications including multiple operators, or a clean or cold room setting.

Modula Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousel

Carousel picking systems are at the heart of advanced order fulfillment applications benefiting a broad spectrum of world-class clients. Modula Diamond Phoenix carousels are the most durable in the industry.  Engineered for long-term reliability in even the heaviest applications and most severe duty cycles. The motor, reducer and drive sprocket function as a single connected drive unit for maximum efficiency, drive speed and available torque. Performances and reliability are second to none.

Modula WMS Warehouse Management Software

Modula WMS software is a warehouse management package designed for automated storage equipment, such as MODULA VLM as well as manual order picking from shelving and pallet rack.

Modula WMS software is the perfect complement to Modula VLM, facilitating additional management, or as stand-alone software tool for warehouses of any size. Modula WMS allows real-time warehouse management using a convenient PC interface. Modula WMS is easily adapted to existing corporate software systems and organizational needs. This streamlined setup has minimal impact on current procedures and operations. All you need to integrate your host system is a PC to act as the server, as well as client PCs, depending on your specific needs.